Sports Club

The Sports club is committed to provide a healthy sporting habit among the students. It helps to learn teamwork at work, coordination among diverse cultural & ethnic groups and mainly infuses discipline & instills the value system in one individual. Value of time, precision & competitiveness are the major learning points apart from communication, coordination & teamwork.

Ayurveda & Community

Department of Ayurveda & Community has been established under the aegis of IES University, Bhopal. The University is well established and has made a prestigious position in central India by providing value added quality education and ensuring overall development of students Department of Ayurveda & Community offers four and half years bachelor (B.A.M.S.) course.

Literary Club

The college has a 10600 sq. ft. A.C. Digital Library with 12000 numbers of text books and reference books. Library also subscribes National & International journals/periodicals and Broad Band internet facility to keep students abreast on the latest developments in diversified disciplines in technical education as well as for general awareness. The Library is opened beyond the normal office working hours.

Career Development Centre

IES University fosters an environment for the holistic development. Career Development Centre counsels the students based on the their aptitude and interest in varied sectors like- Government sectors, PSUs and Private sector or even Higher Studies and also frequently organizes Orientation programs, guest lectures, industry visits, forums, corporate get-togethers & Alumni Interaction etc.




Introduction Rachana Sharir is a 1st Year BAMS subject, here the students along with theory study. Human body parts through dissection methods and become an open minded researcher and an intelligent clinician. This department is equivalent to that of anatomy of modern medical science. Anatomy being the cornerstone of medical science, comprehensive understanding of human anatomy is quintessential as it is the science of the macro & micro structure of the human body. Good health is directly related to standard of human anatomy & its variants therefore without sound knowledge of human anatomy, medical knowledge, skill & experience would be imperfect. All the medical science require more or less basic knowledge of Rachana Sharir. Hence the study is indeed the most important of basic science of the life. Anatomy department aim to be one of the skill based & clinically oriented medical teaching & research across breadth of discipline of anatomical sciences. The department of anatomy will provide high quality teaching of anatomical sciences to medical students.


1. Imparting a comprehensive concept of anatomy which provides an understanding of the anatomical basis & the clinical corelation of disease presentation.


2. To impact skills with the anatomical terms used in discussions among medical professional.


3. Encourage students to develop oral, written, numerical, visual, presentation & collaborative skills. Help students students acquire the knowledge of all the vital structures of Human body theoretically and practically.


4. So that they will need to function as physicians & surgens in various health sectors of the country.


5. To raise the awareness of movement like body donation activity.




1. Dissection Hall: The most exclusive feature of our department is well-equipped Dissection Hall. Dissection hall asserts on accommodative strength of 100 students at any given time. The hall being well lit & amply specious caters every need of the students. The presence of large & small dissection tables & instruments which the students use under the able guidance of the faculty, adequate ventilation & drainage facilities, ample space for display of models, radiographs & bones, all culminate in a harmonious exchange of knowledge.


2. Museum : The department museum boasts a vast collection of wet specimens, bones, models & charts depicting osteology, gross anatomy, embryology etc. In conformity with the latest advances, a section on cross sectional anatomy has been added thus aiding students to corelate CTs with the actual anatomy.


3. The histology lab is well equipped with a modern configuration in conformity to recent trends.


4. Department is equipped with OHP, Laptops and Desktops.


5. Faculties utilizes modern techniques like power point and videos for teaching our students.


6. Department has on exclusive library with Ayurvedic and Modern books.





Latest News

B.A.M.S. (Bachelor Of Ayurveda Medicine

And Surgery) – Ayurvedachary


Duration - 4.5 Year Program + 1 Year Internship.


ELIGIBILITY - Require a Higher Secondary

Certificate a minimum of 50% (PCB)

with NEET Entrance exam qualification.


Department of Ayurveda And Community


Welcomming 2nd Bactch of BAMS


B.A.M.S Vedaarambha 2023



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